Solar, Wind, Oil & Gas, Pipeline and Cell Tower Attorneys in Binghamton, the Southern Tier of New York and the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania

Levene Gouldin & Thompson attorneys provide legal services in New York and Pennsylvania in all aspects of renewable energy including solar, wind and battery storage, and oil, gas and mineral transactions, pipelines and cell tower agreements. We assist clients with litigation, leasing, pipelines, royalty analysis, estate planning, mineral management and acquisitions and conveyances of mineral estates. Contact one of our experienced attorneys today to arrange a consultation.

Certified Professional Minerals & Royalty Asset Managers: Cynthia Ann Manchester


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 Renewable Energy


Page last reviewed and updated: February 20th, 2024

  • Lease Agreements:
    •  Oil & Gas
    •  Solar
    •  Wind 
    •  Cell Tower 
  • Pipelines & Transmission Lines:
    •  Right of Way and Option Agreements
    •  Condemnation
  • Conveyance of Oil, Gas and Mineral Rights:
    • Acquisition of mineral rights
    • Surface and subsurface deeds
    • Preservation of Development Rights 
  • Mineral Management:
    • Division Order Analysis
    • Royalty Analysis
  • Litigation
  • Estate and Financial Planning
  • Environmental


  • Dorian D. Ames
  • Cynthia Ann K. Manchester
  • Michael R. May
  • Karen J. McMullen
  • Howard M. Rittberg
  • Lana D. Sturdevant
  • Paul R. Hoffmann
  • Holly L. Avery
  • Heather M. Cornell
  • Nicholas J. Scarantino
  • David R. Williams

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