New York state has paid $1.6 million to a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who was injured after being struck by a state trooper's vehicle while riding her bicycle in Whitney Point. The trooper's car struck retired Maj. Mary-Margaret Smith, from Virginia, at 9:42 a.m. on July 5, 2010, while riding in the area of Liberty and Collins streets, according to police. She suffered head and facial injuries. On Feb. 25, the state paid to resolve Smith's personal injury claim stemming from the accident and a [...]

The sad truth is that motorcycle riders are more frequently injured and more seriously injured than other drivers. [ DMV Statistics ] Despite the efforts of motorcycle organizations to publicize the problem and promote awareness, we hear the same refrain time after time: “I didn’t see him”. Every motorcyclist has experienced cars turning in front of them as if they were not there. Too often even the most attentive rider cannot avoid contact with a car or escape a serious [...]

On October 16, 2015, Scott Kurkoski was a featured speaker in Las Vegas, Nevada at the National Association of Royalty Owners Annual Convention. Mr. Kurkoski gave a national perspective of municipal efforts to regulate oil and gas development. The National Association of Royalty Owners is celebrating its 35th Anniversary this year, exclusively representing oil & gas royalty owner interests.

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