A young laborer working on a state project fell off a scaffold and suffered serious injuries to his leg and back.  Though he returned to his job within a year, he continued to experience pain at the end of a work day.  John L. Perticone, Esq. said that the insurer for the contractor agreed to pay only after losing a motion to dismiss the claim.  The judge ruled that New York State Labor Law 240 (the “scaffold law”) had been violated.

In 2009 a female employee at Broome Developmental Center commenced an action for sexual harassment. The case was tried before a jury in Broome County Supreme Court during the week of March 12th.  After 2 days of deliberations, the jury returned a verdict this past Monday (March 19th) against Broome Developmental Center, finding they failed to protect the female from the hostile work environment that arose from being a victim of sexual harassment as well as her reporting of the harassment. [...]

Lauren Kiley-Saleeby, Esq. procured a substantial settlement from a cable company whose employee negligently caused a motor vehicle accident.  Her client suffered injuries to her neck and back that required surgical repair.  Lauren convinced the company that the injuries were caused by the accident and not a consequence of pre-existing conditions. The client was awarded $425,000.00 in October of 2017.

On May 14, 2014 Sherrill Lehman’s life was shattered when a Tioga County Sheriff informed her that her husband Grover Lehman had died while working for Jim Ray Homes, Inc. installing a manufactured home in Newfield, NY. Investigation into the accident disclosed that the crew had lifted a home on four bottle jacks while Grover, 60, was underneath the home. A gust of wind blew the home off the jacks crushing Grover who died instantly. Sherrill described Grover as “larger than life. He [...]

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