Self Care During Divorceby Michael Osburn, Esq. For most people, a divorce is an extremely stressful life event. This is not surprising. Divorce can impact all aspects of one’s life: relationships with family members and friends, living arrangements, plans for retirement, and financial security to name just a few. In some cases, a person might not only experience stress during divorce, but also other powerful emotions such as guilt, anger, sadness and fear. Your attorney can help guide [...]

Domestic Violence and the Process of Getting an Order of Protection by: Michelle McCabe-Szczepanski, Esq. Domestic violence plagues many homes throughout our community.  In Broome County, law enforcement responds to 550-600 domestic incidents each month.  Domestic violence is more than physical abuse.  Verbal abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, threats of future abuse, harassment, and stalking, are all forms of domestic violence.  The best way to get [...]

Investigating Your Partner: a Great Benefit to Your Divorce Case? Or a Source of Unwanted Trouble? The time has come. You and your partner have decided to seek a divorce. You may be thinking that, now that your partnership is ending, it is ok to start investigating your spouse. After all, you do not mean any harm. Maybe you think your spouse had an affair, and you want a private investigator to confirm. Maybe you believe your partner is residing with a new partner, or has a new job that he or [...]

Grandparent Visitation Rights In New York By Jared R. Mack Grandparents can play a special and pivotal role in a child’s upbringing. Unfortunately, whether it be due to death, divorce or a strained relationship with the child’s parents, a grandparent can be faced with a sudden decrease in time with a grandchild, or even a complete severance of the relationship altogether. In New York State, grandparents facing this situation may have the legal right to seek visitation with their [...]

Ways to Ensure Adequate Financial Protection After your Divorce By Elizabeth Sopinski Not only is divorce a test of your emotional and psychological strength, it makes each spouse realize that he/she will not have the other to lean on for financial support. Finances are stressors in just about every marriage, but it may seem to be an insurmountable task to get your finances in order after a divorce. Some tips that you might consider following while your divorce is pending to lessen the [...]

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