Grandparent Visitation Rights In New YorkGrandparents can play a special and pivotal role in a child’s upbringing. Unfortunately, whether it be due to death, divorce or a strained relationship with the child’s parents, a grandparent can be faced with a sudden decrease in time with a grandchild, or even a complete severance of the relationship altogether. In New York State, grandparents facing this situation may have the legal right to seek visitation with their grandchildren under [...]

Ways to Ensure Adequate Financial Protection After your Divorce Not only is divorce a test of your emotional and psychological strength, it makes each spouse realize that he/she will not have the other to lean on for financial support. Finances are stressors in just about every marriage, but it may seem to be an insurmountable task to get your finances in order after a divorce. Some tips that you might consider following while your divorce is pending to lessen the potential for financial [...]

Is the “Right of First Refusal” a Good Idea forChild Custody Agreements?by Michael Osburn, Esq. What is the “Right of First Refusal”? During the negotiation of a child custody agreement, a parent will sometimes ask whether he/she can have the “right of first refusal.” The idea is that if one parent is unable to care for the child during his/her designated custodial period, the other parent must be given the opportunity to care for the child before entrusting [...]

Child Support In New YorkSome Common Questions and AnswersBy: Sharon L. Dyer, Esq. How is Basic Child Support Calculated? Basic child support is paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent based upon a percentage of combined parental income under New York’s Child Support Standards Act. In New York, a Support Magistrates or Judge calculates a presumptive amount of child support to be applied, unless there are unusual circumstances. In those cases where there are unusual [...]

Path of a Custody and Visitation case in New York Family Court Just how quickly your Family Court case moves along is dependent upon a variety of factors, most of which are out of your control. However, the purpose of this article is to give a parent, guardian, or other custodian interested in filing for custody or visitation of a child an idea of what to expect throughout the process. Filing Your Petition: There is no requirement that you be represented by an attorney to bring your custody [...]

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