If you are ever injured in an accident, you may have to commence a lawsuit to recover compensation for such damages as lost wages, medical expenses, physical therapy expenses, pain, suffering and perhaps the costs to have future medical treatment or surgery. Having an experienced personal injury lawyer is critical to your best interests, because the process of recovering for personal injuries suffered in accidents can be complicated, time-consuming and contentious. Insurance companies are [...]

New York state has paid $1.6 million to a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who was injured after being struck by a state trooper's vehicle while riding her bicycle in Whitney Point. The trooper's car struck retired Maj. Mary-Margaret Smith, from Virginia, at 9:42 a.m. on July 5, 2010, while riding in the area of Liberty and Collins streets, according to police. She suffered head and facial injuries. On Feb. 25, the state paid to resolve Smith's personal injury claim stemming from the accident and a [...]

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