Estate Planning During COVID-19

CLIENT ALERT: COVID-19 and Your Estate Plans

COVID-19 has many people concerned about their health and well-being and whether they have properly prepared for the future with a solid estate plan. 

The Trusts and Estates and Elder Law attorneys at Levene Gouldin & Thompson can provide you with peace of mind, even during the COVID-19 crisis.  Whether you’ve been putting off your estate planning for years, or are just now realizing the importance of getting your affairs in order, our attorneys can assist you in preparing or updating any needed documents.  

For urgent documents that need immediate attention and execution, Governor Cuomo has issued Executive Orders 202.7 and 202.14 which allow for remote execution and notarization of documents such as Wills, Powers of Attorneys and health care directives.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do you have a Will, Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, or Living Will?
  • If yes, when was the last time you reviewed those documents?
  • Do your loved ones know what to do if you become ill?
  • Who is authorized to handle your affairs if you cannot do so yourself?
  • Will your loved ones be prepared and secure if something happens to you?

The Attorneys at Levene Gouldin & Thompson, LLP are available to discuss all of your estate planning questions. We also have procedures in place to meet your legal needs while keeping everyone safe in the process. Please feel free to contact us today.

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