On June 14, 2019, Governor Cuomo signed into law the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019, primarily affecting residential landlords and tenants statewide. The new laws are heavily pro-tenant and generally extend the time that tenants may remain in possession of a premises despite non-payment. Key changes include:

Eviction Proceedings

  • Landlord’s duty to mitigate damages – if a tenant vacates the leased premises prior to termination of the lease, the landlord must take “reasonable and customary actions” to re-let the premises
  • No fees, charges, or penalties other than rent may be sought in a summary proceeding
  • Service of Petition – must be made at least 10 and not more than 17 days before the return date of the Petition
  • Warrant of Eviction – tenant has 14 days after service of the eviction warrant to vacate, replacing the former 72 hour notice to vacate
  • Unlawful Eviction – punishable as a Class A Misdemeanor; $1,000 - $10,000 fine
  • 14-day adjournment of summary proceeding – must be given to tenant upon request to court, unless landlord, tenant, and court agree to a shorter time


  • Landlords may not charge application fees – subject to a background check or credit check exception
  • Tenants have a 5 day grace period to pay rent – landlord may not demand a late fee unless the payment of rent is not made within 5 days of its due date; landlord must send late notice, by certified mail, upon failure to receive rent payment within 5 days of its due date, replacing the former 3-day non-payment notice
  • Late fees may not exceed $50 or 5% of monthly rent, whichever is less


  • Notification of non-renewal of lease (including month-to-month) or rent increase by more than 5% – amount of notice now depends upon length of occupancy or length of lease term
  • 14 day written rent demand – landlords must give 14 days’ notice before commencing a summary proceeding
  • Tenant discrimination­ – a rental application may not be refused on the basis of a past or present landlord-tenant action or summary proceeding; violation of this carries a $500-$1,000 civil penalty per violation

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