White Collar Crimes

When an investigation is commenced against you, or you have been served with a subpoena, or formal accusations have already been filed, your livelihood and reputation are immediately threatened. It is extremely important to obtain legal counsel as soon as possible to act as a buffer between you and the government, to ensure that your rights are protected and to prevent a bad situation from getting worse.

Our firm has extensive experience in successfully representing clients charged with fraud, embezzlement, environmental violations, Medicaid fraud, insurance fraud, workers compensation fraud and tax evasion. Sometimes we are able to convince the government that it should not pursue criminal charges, but often they will be pursued. The lawyers at Levene Gouldin & Thompson possess the unique skill set for these kinds of cases including a willingness to learn highly specialized business and industry practices, an ability to carefully examine and organize voluminous documents and electronic data, and the resources to fully investigate all defenses and mitigating factors. We have extensive experience with and knowledge of the agencies prosecuting these kinds of cases in the Southern Tier of New York.

If you are being investigated for, or have been charged with, a white-collar crime, call us today for a consultation. We can help. Contact attorney John Perticone at Levene Gouldin & Thompson. He’s the chair of our Criminal Defense Practice Group and he can be reached at (607) 763-9200.

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