Choosing Retirement Account Beneficiaries Requires Some Thought While the execution of Wills requires formalities like proper witnessing and the need for a notarized witness affidavit, the reality is that most property passes to heirs through other, less formal means. Many bank and investments accounts, as well as real estate, have joint owners who take ownership automatically at the death of the primary owner. Other banks and investment companies offer payable on death accounts that permit [...]

Estate Planning and Retirement Considerations for Late-in-Life Parents Older parents are becoming more common, driven in part by changing cultural mores and advances in infertility treatment. Comedian and author Steve Martin had his first child at age 67. Singer Billy Joel just welcomed his third daughter. Janet Jackson had a child at age 50. But later-in-life parents have some special estate planning and retirement considerations. The first consideration is to make sure you have an estate [...]

Is the “Right of First Refusal” a Good Idea forChild Custody Agreements?by Michael Osburn, Esq. What is the “Right of First Refusal”? During the negotiation of a child custody agreement, a parent will sometimes ask whether he/she can have the “right of first refusal.” The idea is that if one parent is unable to care for the child during his/her designated custodial period, the other parent must be given the opportunity to care for the child before entrusting [...]

On March 28th, 2018 Attorney Scott Kurkoski presented at the Guilford Town Hall on Leasing Your Land for Wind Energy. The Guilford Town Board hosted this meeting for land owners to learn about concerns related wind energy agreements. Land owners in the Guilford area have been approached with offers to lease their land for the development of a wind energy project.Thank you Scott for this valuable information!

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