COVID-19: Employees on Unemployment Who Refuses a Rehire Offer, Loan Forgiveness Impacts and More

COVID-19: Employee on Unemployment Who Refuses a Rehire Offer; Impact of Rehire Refusal on PPP Loan Forgiveness; New York Shared Work Program

New York Unemployment Insurance Benefits

  • A general unemployment insurance benefits guide for employers, including how to notify the Department of Labor if an employee on layoff refuses rehire or fails to report to work, how to respond to a Notice of Potential Charges, and contesting Unemployment Insurance charges is available here:
  • Eligibility requirements and other FAQs on NY Unemployment are available here:
  • The Record of Employment document to be given to every employee who quits, is laid off, or is discharged is available here:
  • Employers are reminded that they may have a duty to accommodate employees with underlying health conditions via a leave of absence

PPP Forgiveness Update

New York Shared Work Program

 The Attorneys at Levene Gouldin & Thompson, LLP are available to provide advice and counsel concerning matters related to COVID-19.


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