The claimant Mary Margaret Smith was seriously injured in a collision which occurred on July 5, 2010 between her bicycle and a New York State Police vehicle in the Village of Whitney Point, New York. Following the accident the State police attempted to cast all blame for the accident on Ms. Smith, claiming that she ran a stop sign. At trial, Ms. Smith’s attorneys, Levene, Gouldin & Thompson by John L. Perticone, Esq. successfully demonstrated that the primary cause of the accident was [...]

Most people think that the purpose of automobile liability insurance is to protect your assets in the event you have caused personal injury to someone in a car accident. This is certainly a purpose of liability insurance and the more assets you have, the more insurance you need. But there is another purpose to automobile liability insurance and another reason to obtain one with a higher liability limit - to protect you and your family from a negligent driver who has inadequate insurance [...]

As of 9/9/2013 Levene Gouldin & Thompson is pleased to report that its force majeure litigation against Chesapeake Energy and Statoilhydro on behalf of over 200 landowners has been resolved with an agreement to release all leases. In November of last year, United States District Court Judge David Hurd granted the landowners' motion for summary judgment ruling that a force majeure event had not occurred in New York and that the oil and gas leases were terminated. Aukema v. Chesapeake [...]

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